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30/3 by Sean Burn

30/3 by Sean Burn read by Simon Jenner

Simon Jenner, Director of Survivors’ Poetry reads a poem by Sean …

Crackdown Tribunal by Dave Russell

Crackdown Tribunal by Dave Russell

Dave, stalwart of London-based Survivor’s open mic nights, plays an established …


Well, Dave et al,

How did you glean my email at Party HQ? You might regret it.

I honour a few Conservatives and had constructive conversations with a couple of ministers.

In 2008, you accepted the banks, with their fractional reserve index stretched to homeopathic breaking point were to blame. After 2001, we all … read more

Mission and Vision

Our Vision is a world which celebrates the creative expression of survivors through poetry. Our Mission is coordinating artistic activity; publishing and promoting poetry by survivors; supporting and developing survivor poets and establishing communication networks; challenging and changing the social and cultural definitions of poets and poetry; making connections between creativity and mental health.


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I’d miss the sunsets I’d … read more

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