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30/3 by Sean Burn

30/3 by Sean Burn read by Simon Jenner

Simon Jenner, Director of Survivors’ Poetry reads a poem by Sean …

Crackdown Tribunal by Dave Russell

Crackdown Tribunal by Dave Russell

Dave, stalwart of London-based Survivor’s open mic nights, plays an established …



Appointment of new Shadow Minister for Mental Health


Luciana Berger has been appointed to Jeremy Corbyn’s team as a full cabinet member – thus creating a new post. It’s an important, heartening and refreshing, even exciting development, whether or not Corbyn’s team or indeed Berger – who disagrees with Corbyn over a number … read more

Mission and Vision

Our Vision is a world which celebrates the creative expression of survivors through poetry. Our Mission is coordinating artistic activity; publishing and promoting poetry by survivors; supporting and developing survivor poets and establishing communication networks; challenging and changing the social and cultural definitions of poets and poetry; making connections between creativity and mental health.


The next Survivors‘ Poetry event is at the Poetry Cafe in Betterton Street, London WC2 on Thursday 8th October at 8pm.

This time we … read more

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copyright Anne Creasey 2015 re PE49 ezine cover image Survivors Poetry Survivors’ Poetry PEN 49 ezine July Aug2015   Please click on the link to download your FREE copy!…

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Julie Whitby


The Big Issue



‘Don’t hurry … read more

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