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30/3 by Sean Burn

30/3 by Sean Burn read by Simon Jenner

Simon Jenner, Director of Survivors’ Poetry reads a poem by Sean …

Crackdown Tribunal by Dave Russell

Crackdown Tribunal by Dave Russell

Dave, stalwart of London-based Survivor’s open mic nights, plays an established …



It was a surprise certainly to be invited up to the Palace for a Celebration of Contemporary British Poetry on 19th November, and just as certainly I wasn’t given a vast advance of time. I discovered a little later ACE had been involved. That was kind, a kind of golden handshake I thought with a wry smile. And we were not the first… Victoria … read more

Mission and Vision

Our Vision is a world which celebrates the creative expression of survivors through poetry. Our Mission is coordinating artistic activity; publishing and promoting poetry by survivors; supporting and developing survivor poets and establishing communication networks; challenging and changing the social and cultural definitions of poets and poetry; making connections between creativity and mental health.


Well we will…latest news just coming in….… read more

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This issue has made a new departure with a different kind of ‘featured artist’ spot, in this

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Poem of the Month

Claire McLaughlin
Two Poems

Wonder’s Daughter


Her name is Wonder.

Backwards and forwards … read more

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