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Sweat, sour and serious an Illustrated Anthology by Survivors' Poetry Scotland;

Illustrated Anthology by Survivors’ Poetry Scotland
Published by Survivors’ Press, Scotland, 1996

Editorial Team:  Steve Allan, Larry Butler, Helen Crawford, Maggie Graham, Wallace MacBain,  Susan Watters.


Example of a poem in this publication


Sky, colours of Dutch tiles,
a loch reflects the sun
and pines crest the horizon
rocking the osprey nests.
My search pierces the planet,
winds round the universe,
finds a resting place within.
Gratitude for having lived,
for having known such beauty,
warms the images of death
that dance through these days.

Kay Carmichael

Editor: Steve Allan, Larry Butler, Helen Crawford, Maggie Graham, Wallace MacBain, Susan Watters
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