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Ten Russian Poets - Surviving the Twentieth Century

This original anthology traces a century of Russian poetry, taking us through the turbulant decades from 1900 to 2000 with poets of stature who reflected or recorded their times.

Translated by Richard McKane

Published by Anvil Press  & Survivors’ Poetry, 2003


Example of a poem in this publication

‘I was outside washing last night’

I was washing outside at night –
the firmament shone with coarse stars.
Beam of a star, like salt on an axe,
The full barrel freezing.

The gates are licked
and the earth in all conscience is so stern:
I doubt if one could ever fnd a bas
purer that the truth of fresh canvas.

Like salt a star thaws in the barrel
and the ice-cold water is blacker,
death purer, trouble more saline
and the world more honest, more terrible.


By Osip Mandelstam

Editor and Translator: Richard McKane
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