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On this page we present our Poem of the Month.  If you have a poem you wish to be considered please contact us.  To read a poem in the list below, which has the most recent ones first, just click on the title or the ‘Read More’ link.

December 2014 – Razz




I’d miss the sunsets
I’d miss the cigarettes
I’d miss the kiss & tell
& you as well.
The dangerous,  the safe bets.

I’d miss the action.
The dissatisfaction.
I’d miss the trees, the clouds,…

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November 2014 – Sarah Gonnet

Sarah Gonnet




Once I was a palatable teenager:

My stomach was tucked flat.

My hair was thick, I dyed it blonde,

I painted my nails, I decorated my face.

I talked to people without caring what they …

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October 2014 – Jesse Ferguson


Jesse Ferguson



Do you know what it feels like
When everything you look at makes a sign

When you are doubly in time
So that you are lost
Like two cars going at different speeds One going

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National Poetry Day – Sanjay Bhattacharya

Two Poems by Sanjay Bhattacharya

© Translated from Bengali by Debjani Chatterjee


To You Only


When sorrow once loves someone

it lifelong presses itself close to him.

Like a kept woman,

it hugs him with both hands.


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